We started in 2015. But we have over 15 years of experience in the graphic design industry.
After several attempts to create a perfect site for the sale of our logos and several requests from designers to sell their designs on our sites, in the end, we were able to create this new version of LogoTemplates. A simple but effective platform to buy and sell logos.

Our mission

It is to create the best shopping experience, through a simple and effective interface, with high security to protect user data. An ideal space for designers, with everything resolved, so they only have to pay attention to their designs.

Logo Market

LogoCosmos will always be characterized by good practices towards buyers, who place their trust in each purchase. To the designs that with great effort create excellent designs daily to make this market a better place every day. And with equal opportunities for all.


LogoTemplates success is based on quality. In the quality of the site and support for both buyers and designers. Quality is key to positioning the site both in search engines and as a benchmark in the logo industry. Maintaining a high level of quality implies rejecting designs that do not meet the minimum conditions. Every new decision made will be for the common good, with no tricks or surprises for both buyers and designers. You will always listen to all suggestions to improve everyone’s experience.